The Most Beautiful Words in Spanish

I recently came across an article on the 40 most beautiful words in the Spanish language. 40 seemed like a lot, so I thought it might be fun to paraphrase the top 20 and see which you like best.

  1. Sempiterno – everlasting; having begun it will never end.
  2. Petricor – the name given to the smell produced by rain when it falls on dry earth.
  3. Nefelibata – a dreamer who is not able to perceive reality.
  4. Resiliencia – ability to adapt to an adverse situation.
  5. Alba – the first light of day before sunrise.
  6. Melancolía – deep, overwhelming and permanent sadness, due to either physical or moral causes, leaving the sufferer unable to enjoy anything.
  7. Acendrado – pure. Without defect.
  8. Ataraxia – serenity.
  9. Ojalá – an active wish that something might come to pass.
  10. Perenne – continuous, unceasing.
  11. Nostalgia – sad remembrance at being far from home or friends.
  12. Compasión – tenderness and ability to identify with someone else’s suffering.
  13. Bonhomía – affability, simplicity, goodness and honesty of character and behaviour.
  14. Ademán – movement or attitude of one’s body or part of one’s body with which they express intention or feeling.
  15. Efímero – ephemeral. Something that lasts for a short amount of time.
  16. Infinito – infinite. Does not and cannot end.
  17. Inconmensurable – enormous, immeasurable.
  18. Ósculo – respectful or affectionate kiss.
  19. Mondo – clean and free of extra or superfluous things.
  20. Superfluo – unnecessary, extra.

Which do you like best? Or maybe you have a favourite word in your language that you’d like to share?