Lunch Break Bake: Rhubarb and Ginger

As a linguist, it’s important that I know how to follow instructions to the letter. This week, I decided to put my instruction-following skills to the test with my first edition of lunch break bake!

I’m no expert baker and I know that as soon as I go off-recipe things start to go less well (just like with translation). That’s why I always like to find someone who knows more about it. The expert I deferred to on this occasion was Jamie Oliver. He may not be a client, but he does know his field better than I do, so I made sure to do exactly as he said…almost. See if you can spot the citrus fruit I had to substitute because that was the one ingredient I didn’t have!

If you, like me, have an excess of rhubarb and happen to have been given a ginger stem yesterday, then I would highly recommend giving this recipe a go – they are delicious!

If there’s one thing I enjoy even more (and am better at) than baking, it’s translation. So, when you’re done, why not thank me for the recommendation by getting in touch for your language needs?

Back to work I go, with a cup of coffee in one hand and the fruits (or vegetables as the case may be) of my lunch break baking session in the other…